Why puppy class?

Dogs bark, chew, dig, urinate and bite – all perfectly natural, normal and necessary behaviours if we don’t teach them otherwise. The best time to teach your puppy is in the first 5 months of life as a puppy’s brain is perfectly developed to learn and many unwanted behaviours can be prevented by early training.

We teach using positive reinforcement, which shows you how to communicate with your dog and to ask your dog for the behaviours you want without having to resort punishment  or physically forcing the dog to do something.

 What we cover in class;

  1. -          Basic Instruction – Sit, drop, come when called, drop it  and leave it
  2. -          Puppy Management – Toilet training, puppy biting, managing the puppy around the home
  3. -          Socialisation with other dogs – teaching the puppies how to play with other dogs
  4. -          Socialisation with the wider world – how to have a puppy who is confident with people, places and things e.g cats, loud noises, motorbikes!
  5. -          Puppy Handling – teaching the puppy how to be touched for cleaning, grooming and Veterinary examinations

 How will the puppy (and family) benefit?

  1. -          Development of a healthy character
  2. -          Early education for all the dogs life
  3. -          Less behaviour problems
  4. -          Extensive socialisation to prevent aggression
  5. -          Tools to communicate with your dog


Where: Pennant Hills Veterinary Hospital

How long: 5 week course

Class size: Maximum 5 puppies – Due to limited space please only come with two owners per puppy and  children over 5yrs old are welcome to class

Age of puppies: 8 weeks – 16 weeks

How to sign up: Call Carolina on 0414 655 479


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