To our clients,
We intend to continue the traditional one on one, close knit, friendly relationship that a smaller practice like this can provide. But to add to this with a balance of many years of professional experience and the ability to let you know about the latest treatments and approaches as they become available. Common sense will always be in abundance here, teamed with the caring, compassion and understanding that only experienced, multiple-pet-owning staff can provide.

There has been a veterinary practice on this site, continuously, since the late 1940s. Firstly Dr Oxley until about 1971, then Dr Poolman, then Dr Hinchliffe and finally, Dr Murdoch! Originally the animals were examined in the front of the old house. And of course in the earlier times there were a considerable number of large animal patients such as horses and cattle and there was more land attached at the back of the property for horses. The house itself is around 100 years old and has been through several changes of use. Including a period as a private hospital in the 1920s when the verandas were enclosed with shingles to make extra room for beds.

Ian Murdoch BVSc



 Consulting Hours:  (by appointment)

 Monday - Friday    8am - 11am  &  4pm - 6:30p
Saturday              9am - 12noon
Sunday                CLOSED


  Where are we?
  We are located at 418 Pennant Hills Road, Pennant Hills.

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